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WSRCAT was launched in October 2007. We are a non-partisan, inter-faith organization, also welcoming to people unaffiliated with any faith tradition. We are working to end all U.S. sponsored torture and cruel, inhuman and degrading treatment of prisoners. Our work is educational as well as political advocacy in those areas that enhance our human rights.

WSRCAT has sponsored workshops and discussions in congregations, universities, and town halls throughout the State of Washington. We continue to convey the urgency of our mission to our political leaders, especially when President Trump has voiced his support of torture, until these atrocities are abolished forever. We welcome your participation and support.

Opposing Gina Haspel as New Deputy Director of CIA

President Trump's selection of Gina Haspel as Deputy Director of the CIA is extremely distressing to those who oppose torture. Ms. Haspel was instrumental in the administration of CIA "Black Sites" where torture took place under her direction and participation. In a Febraury 3, 2017 article by Dexter Filkins for The New Yorker, we read:

From 2003 to 2005, Gina Haspel was a senior official overseeing a top-secret C.I.A. program that subjected dozens of suspected terrorists to savage interrogations, which included depriving them of sleep, squeezing them into coffins, and forcing water down their throats. In 2002, Haspel was among the C.I.A. officers present at the interrogation of Abu Zubaydah, an Al Qaeda suspect who was tortured so brutally that at one point he appeared to be dead.

[Recently], the Trump Administration announced that Haspel would become the C.I.A.'s new deputy director.

It appears that the debate about torture in the President's mind, if there ever was one, is over.

Haspel, a career C.I.A. employee, took part in another of the agency's darkest moments: the destruction, in 2005, of video tapes of the interrogation of Zubaydah and a second suspect, Abd al-Rahim al-Nashiri, at whose torture she was present, three years before.

Because Haspel's new job is exempt from congressional confirmation, it's doubtful she will ever have to publicly answer questions about her role in what amounts to America's dirty war.

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Action Alert!

SPOKANE: The trail of James Mitchell and Bruce Jessen has been pushed back to September, 2017. Though there may be further trail delays, WSRCAT is planning to be present in Spokane for the trail. We encourage you to read the following article from the Detroit News, regarding these two psychologists who made upwards to $81 million designing CIA torture methods: CIA on Deadline to Argue to Keep Documents Secret, by Nicholas K. Geranios, Associated Press.

SIGN THE PETITION: Condemning the torture and murder of Darren Rainey in Dade Conty, Florida. We are reminded that cruelty can happen anywhere, when unbounded power over others and impunity from prosecution reign. U.S. prisons and jails are repeatedly found to be among those places. Link to Roots Action site.

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Torture is a crime against humanity.


If torture is not wrong, nothing is wrong. - Rob Crawford